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  Explanation Past Present Future
  Simple Past Simple Present Future I Simple
  • action that takes place once, never or several times
He played football every Tuesday. He plays football every Tuesday. He will / is going to play football every Tuesday.
  • actions that happen one after another
He played football and then he went home. He plays football and then he goes home. He will play football and then he will go home.
  • state
He loved football. He loves football. He will love football.
  Past Progressive Present Progressive Future I Progressive
  • action going on at that moment
He was playing football. He is playing football. He will be playing football.
  • actions taking place at the same time
He was playing football and she was watching. He is playing football and she is watching. He will be playing football and she will be watching.
  Past Perfect Simple Present Perfect Simple Future II Simple
  • action taking place before a certain moment in time; emphasises the result
He had won five matches until that day. He has won five matches so far. He will have won five matches by then.
  Past Perfect Progressive Present Perfect Progressive Future II Progressive
  • action taking place before a certain moment in time (and beyond), emphasises the duration
He had been playing football for ten years. He has been playing football for ten years. He will have been playing football for ten years.

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