IELTS HOPECO: Academic Practice Test 1 - Speaking

9/3/2015 12:07:11 PM
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Part 1 
- Work
•    What work do you do? 
•    Why did you choose that kind of work? 
•    How do you feel about your job? 
•    What is the most interesting thing about your job? 

- Animals
•    Do you have a pet? 
•    Do people in your country often keep pets? 
•    Are wild animals protected in your region /country? 
•    Do you often visit zoos or wildlife parks? 
•    Which is your favourite animal? 
•    Are there any animals that you are afraid of? 

•    How do people celebrate birthdays in your culture? 
•    Do people in your family celebrate birthdays in different ways? 
•    Tell me a little about the best birthday celebration you have been to.

Part 2 
Describe a recent news story that you have heard or read about. 
You should say: 
•    what the news was and where you heard or read it if 
•    it was significant for many people 
•    how it has changed, or will change, people's lives 
•    and explain how you felt when you heard or read this news. 

Part 3 
•    How do most people in your country get the news? 
•    Compare newspapers and TV as news sources. 
•    Do you think that the different media (newspapers, TV, radio, the Internet) are reliable sources of news?
•    What are the qualities of a good journalist or reporter? How do you think most people will get the news in the future? 

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