IELTS HOPECO Grammar: British - American Differences

8/28/2015 9:31:30 AM
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Britain America

Many words ending:  -our in Britain and -or in America.
  ✓ colour, favour  , neighbour     
  ✓ color, favor, neighbor
Words ending: -tre in Britain and -ter in America.
  ✓ centre, litre, theatre
  ✓ center, liter, theater
Doubling of letters: In Britain, the 'l' is doubled in an unstressed syllable
  ✓ travelling, marvellous 
  ✓ traveling, marvelous
Different spelling

  ✓ analyse, catalogue, cheque, defence, kerb, plough, pyjamas, tyre (for a wheel)
  ✓ analyze, catalog, check, defense, curb, plow, pajamas, tire
Different words

  ✓ handbag, holiday, lorry, motorway, nappy, pavement, tap 
  ✓ purse/pocketbook, vacation, truck, freeway, diaper, sidewalk, faucet
Verbs: In Britain some verbs end in either -ize or -ise. In America, they always end in –ize.        

  ✓ apologise, organize, realise
  ✓ apologize, organize, realize
Regular - Irregular forms of verbs: Some verbs have alternative regular and irregular past tense and past participle forms. In Britain, the irregular form is more often used, whereas in American English, there is a preference for the regular form.

  ✓ dream    dreamed
  ✓ learn      learned
  ✓ spell      spelled
  ✓ spoil      spoiled
  ✓ dream    dreamt
  ✓ learn      learnt
  ✓ spell      spelt
  ✓ spoil      spoilt
The pronoun 'one': Americans do not often use 'one' to mean 'people in general', nor do they use ‘one’s’ or 'oneself'.
  ✓ One should look after one's health.
  ✓ You should look after your health.
  ✓ People should look after their health.
Dates: There are differences in the way dates are said and written.                      
  ✓ 4th July - the fourth of July
  ✓ July 4   - July four   -   July fourth
Numbers: The British use 'and' between hundred and the rest of the number. The Americans do not.
  ✓ Two hundred and twenty.
  ✓ Two hundred twenty.

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