IELTS HOPECO Grammar: Faux Amis – False Friends 3

8/28/2015 11:38:18 AM
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Faux amis or 'false friends' are words that appear to be the same in French and in English, but have a different meaning.

  Incorrect Correct  

 Piece  Room / a play (theatre  How many rooms are there in the house?
 I saw a good play at the theatre yesterday.
 Prévenir  Prevent  Warn  
 He shouted to warn people of the danger.

(tit. d'une chaire) 
 Teacher  My father is a teacher at the high school.
 My mother is a professor at the university.

 Proper  Clean/Own  The kitchen is clean. / Emily has her own car.

 Propriety  Property  The property belongs to the rich family.

 Realize  Accomplish/ carry out/
 Come true
 (a dream
 He accomplished the task without difficulty.
 I hope all your dreams will come true

 Regard  Look at  Let's look at the pictures.

 Resume  Summarize /
 sum u
 The report summarizes the main points

 Reunion  Meeting  A meeting was held to discuss the problem.

 Sensible  Sensitive  A baby's skin is very sensitive.

 Situation (geo.)
 Situation  Location / situation  The offices are in a good location/well situated.

 Store  Blind  We have blinds on our windows.

 Support  Put up with  Teachers have to put up with noisy children.

 Sympathetic  Nice/friendly/
 Our new neighbours are very nice
 Jack is a very likeable guy..
 Tentative  Tentative
 He made an attempt/he attempted to escape.

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