IELTS HOPECO Listening: Unit 4 - It was all new once (WB 4-5.5)

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It is in the nature of human beings to work for better living standards and it is part of evolution to evolve. Mankind has worked tirelessly for the cause of having a better life for themselves and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. For that, Humans have made inventions that benefit and help them.

Sentence Completion – (Track 10) Look at the sentences in Exercise 2 and decide what type of word (noun, verb or adjective) is missing from each sentence. Listen and complete Questions 1-6. Write ONE WORD for each answer.

1  Joe's low …………..doesn't allow him to buy many electronic goods.
2  He's often influenced by his …………..when he buys electronic items.
3  Advertisements featuring somebody ………….. sometimes help him decide which product to buy.
4  Joe prefers to get new products from …………..
5  He doesn't like waiting for a long time after ………….. something.
6  He finds it hard to resist buying electronic products if they are new and …………..

Multiple Choice - (Track 11) Look at Questions 1-4 below. Listen to the next part of the interview with Joe. Choose TWO letters, A-E, for each question (1-4).
  1. What TWO things did Joe like about the mobile phone?
     A.    its colour      
     B.    its size     
     C.    its shape 
     D.    its screen
     E.    its unique features
  2. What TWO things does Joe usually look for when he buys a mobile phone?
    A.    It should be easy to use.      
    B.    It should look good. 
    C.    It should be cheap.
    D.    It should be reliable.
    E.    It should have a variety of games and other features. 
  3. Which TWO problems did Joe have with the radio?
     A.    It didn't sound good.     
     B.    It wasn't loud enough. 
     C.    It didn't pick up many radio stations.
     D.    He couldn't find anywhere to put it.
     E.    The control features didn't work properly.
  4. What TWO things does Joe think would improve the computer?
    A.    making it smaller     
    B.    reducing the price     
    C.    increasing the memory 
    D.    increasing the size of the keyboard 
    E.    adding more features 

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