IELTS HOPECO Listening: Unit 6 - Being human (WB 4-5.5)

8/24/2015 5:19:56 PM
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The experience of being human can be exciting or stressful, fun or depressing, but most often it’s simply confusing. How can we make sense of our world with all its pain and suffering, its delights and disappointments?

Unit 6 (Track 14) Being human (WB 4-5.5)

Question 1-4

What do these experts say makes people happy?
Choose FOUR answers from the box and write the correct letter, A-F, next to Questions 1-4.
  1. Richard Tenney          ……………..
  2. Martin Seligman         ……………..
  3. George Vaillant          ……………..
  4. Melanie Hodgson       ……………..
   What makes people happy
   A  having an achievable ambition
   B  being on holiday
   C  helping other people
   D  making new friends
   E  planning a trip
   F  having a social life

Unit 6 (Track 15) Being human (WB 4-5.5)​

Question 5-10

Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Questions 5-6

What does Amy think about personality tests?
Choose TWO things.

A They take too much time to do.
B They are not accurate.
C They are entertaining.
D They are too serious.
E They tell you unexpected things.

Questions 7-8

What TWO things make Amy happy?

A being with friends
B having time on her own
C going out with her family
D spending time outside
E keeping fit

Questions 9-10

What TWO things is Matt going to do next?

A get more information
B go to the library
C try to find some useful books
D take a short break
E ask someone for help

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