IELTS HOPECO Listening: Unit 9 - Every drop counts (WB 4-5.5)

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Clean water is a resource most of us take for granted when we turn on the tap or get in the shower. Unfortunately, we have developed daily habits that waste and pollute this valuable resource. By changing our water habits—reducing, reusing and recycling water — we all can play a role in maintaining safe and sustainable communities, while restoring and protecting our coasts and ocean.

Unit 9 (Track 20) Every drop counts (WB 4-5.5)

Questions 1-5

What comment does the tutor make about each part of the student's essay?
Write the correct letter, A-C, next to Questions 1-5.
NB You may use any letter more than once.
Essay parts
1  the introduction
2  the description of problems caused by the weather
3  the section on weather-control programmes
the description of cloud seeding
the conclusion
  A It is not well organised.
  B It contains information that is not, or may not be, correct.
  C It contains information that is not relevant.

Unit 9 (Track 21) Every drop counts (WB 4-5.5)

Questions 6-10

Complete the flow chart below.
Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.
Cloud seeding
The chemical silver iodide is introduced into a cloud by a rocket or by 6………………
This causes tiny water drops in the cloud to 7 ………………, in a process called static seeding.
Lots of very small pieces of 8 ………………join together in a process called riming.
These fall from the sky, turning to rain or snow.
   A secondary effect, known as dynamic seeding, occurs when water that freezes 9 ………………   
Sometimes this can cause the clouds to grow larger and 10 ………………

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