IELTS HOPECO Speaking Practice Test 5: The Environment

8/20/2015 5:00:23 PM
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Part 1

1. What is the climate like in your country?
2. Are there any problems with the climate in your country?
3. What is your favourite type of weather?
4. What kind of weather do you dislike?
5. Would you prefer to live in a hot or cold country?
6. What is the best/worst weather for travelling in?

Part 2

Describe an environmental problem.
You should say:
  • what it is
  • how long it has existed
  • how it affects people’s lives
  • and explain how you think the problem will develop in the future.

Part 3

1. Which environmental problems are people most concerned about in your country?
2. What are the main causes of these environmental problems?
3. Do you think it is the responsibility of governments alone to protect the environment?
4. What measures can individuals take to protect the environment?
5. Do you think large companies and business orginisations should be more environmentally friendly? Why? How?
6. How can we teach children about the importance of protecting the environment?


Useful Vocabulary

 A. Environmental Problems

  • destruction of the rainforests 
  • global warming / the “greenhouse effect”
  • melting of the icecaps
  • rising sea levels
  • extinction of many species (loss of biodiversity)
  • pollution of land, sea and air
  • destruction of the ozone layer
  • increase of natural disasters eg, earthquakes, landslides, floods

B. Causes of Environmental Problems
  • excessive emissions of greenhouse gases, eg carbon dioxide                                                                                      
  • overuse of non-renewable fossil fuels  
  • chemical and industrial waste
  • genetic modification
  • emissions from cars and planes
  • over-consumption
  • improper dumping of household waste
  • over-urbanisation

C. Solutions to Environmental Problems
  • recycling
  • buying products with less packaging
  • using renewable sources of energy, eg solar heating, wind-farms                                                      
  • buying organic products
  • replanting trees
  • buying products made from recycled material / renewable sources
  • cutting carbon emissions
  • using natural remedies as alternative medicine
  • cleaner waste disposal
  • sustainable consumption and development

Useful Linking Expressions

A. Explaining causes
  • caused by
  • because of
  • due to
  • a result of

B. Explaining effects
  • leads to
  • cause
  • results in

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