IELTS HOPECO: Tips for Academic Writing Task 1 - Analysing Diagrams with No Time Period

9/4/2015 10:48:32 AM
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1.  Analyse the diagram by looking for:
  • the extremes                                         
  • two categories the same                                 
  • parts of a whole (only possible when working with percentages)
  • the relative size of one category with another
  • the rankings of one category to another
2.  Use fractions as well as percentages whenever possible.
3.  Try to estimate figures, when they are not obvious, by using phrases like:
  • just over / just under
  • a little more / a little less than
  • slightly over / slightly under
4.  Use different expressions when writing about a survey:
  • 90% of the respondents stated that - The majority of both sexes were shown to have / be
  • 37% of the women questioned felt that - Almost one third of women over 45 replied that - None of the respondents had / were
  • 16% of the women surveyed had / were
  • The majority of the women in the survey - None of the respondents held the view that
  • The majority of both sexes who took part in the research said that
  • All age groups for both men and women considered __________________to be
5.  Correct the grammar of certain category titles and paraphrase when necessary
  1. Use words or phrases that suggest there is a time period
  2. Use the word percentage with figures. You can write 26 per cent but not 26 percentage.
  3. Guess figures
  4. Copy the name of each category unless it is impossible to paraphrase
  5. Use opinions

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