IELTS HOPECO: Tips for Academic Writing Task 1 - Analysing Multiple Diagrams

9/4/2015 10:58:30 AM
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Writing about multiple diagrams is almost the same as for single diagrams. Therefore, you have already studied nearly everything you need to know in the previous units. You can review the summaries for the previous units if you need to refresh your memory.
However, there are several more important points that need to be noted, so look at the key points listed below.
  1. Use one paragraph for the introduction
  2. Use one paragraph for the general statement
  3. Compare and contrast between each diagram if it is possible to do so. As a general rule, if the two diagrams are of the same type (e.g. two bar charts), there is a much greater chance that it is possible to compare and contrast between them. Also, if the two charts could be combined into one (e.g. if one diagram is about men and the other about women), they can probably be compared and contrasted.
  1. Use two or more sentences for the introduction
  2. Use two or more sentences for the general statement
  3. Add too much information in either the introduction or general statement
  4. Repeat information
  5. Use opinions
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