IELTS HOPECO: Tips for Academic Writing Task 1 - Processes-Cycles-Flow Charts

9/4/2015 11:03:47 AM
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1.  Try to understand how each stage connects to the next, and describe clearly what happens.
2.  Try to understand how each stage connects to the next by using the arrows in the diagram.
3.  Begin your introduction with a phrase like:
  • The illustration / diagram outlines the different stages in the
  • The illustration / diagram highlights the various stages involved in the
  • The illustration / diagram provides information on the different steps in the
  • The illustration / diagram provides a detailed description of the
  • The illustration / diagram presents an overview of the key stages involved in the
4.  Choose verbs that are both accurate and more academic.
5.  Use time order phrases for example:
  • Next         
  • Then         
  • Subsequently
  • After this
  • Initially
  • At first
  • Secondly
  • Finally
  • When this has been done
6.  Complete the cycle by going back to the first stage that you write about.
7.  Try to develop new vocabulary from the words given in the diagram.
8.  Add a conclusion if your essay is under 150 words. Use the present perfect passive verb form.
9.  Use the simple present verb tense - passive form (exceptions are possible).
  1. Compare and contrast information from the diagram.
  2. Write a general statement.
  3. Have any direct reference to people in your essay - you, they, we, people, I.
  4. Use opinions.

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