IELTS HOPECO: Tips for Academic Writing Task 1 - Writing a General Statement

9/4/2015 10:26:40 AM
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1.  Use the simple past (you can use the simple present when there is no time period)
2.  Write about trends for diagrams with time periods - do not rely on words like dramati-cally or dramatic to make the sentence important.
3.  Write about the largest and smallest category / figure when there is no time period
4.  Look to see if it is possible to divide the categories into different groups:
  • divide all of the categories into two or three new groups
  • divide a few categories into a new group 
5.  Practice using different standard phrases in order to develop your writing skill:
  • An overview of the diagram
  • A closer study of the diagram shows that
  • An overview of the bar chart
  • A closer look at the diagram highlights the fact that.
  • In general,                                                                  
  • Generally speaking,
  1. Use the words up or down
  2. Include information that is too specific
  3. Include figures
  4. Write more than between 25 and 30 words for the introduction
  5. Spend too long writing either the introduction or general statement. Aim to write both in no more than 5 minutes.

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