IELTS HOPECO: Tips for Academic Writing Task 1 - Writing an Introduction

9/4/2015 9:58:10 AM
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The summaries provided in this paper are a way to help you revise more quickly as well as remember the key points more easily. They are not a substitute for practice. Good scores will only come after you have spent time studying this paper and completing the exercises provided for you.
Writing an Introduction

1.  Look for the following six points:
  • Type of chart
  • What is being measured?
  • Units
  • Categories
  • Years
  • Time period
2.  Use synonyms to change one word for another with the same meaning, or use a different phrase to replace one word or short phrase in order to express the idea more clearly.
3.  Rearrange the order of information
4.  Decide which phrase you need:
  • on the changes in the amount / number / levels of (time period)
  • on the differences in the amount / number / levels of (no time period)
5.  Remember that 1980-1990 is an eleven-year period, not a ten-year period of time
6.  Practice using different standard phrases (simple present) in order to develop your writing skill:
  • Presents statistical data on
  • Provides information on
  • Provides data on
  • Presents statistical information on
  1. Copy phrases from the original Task 1 sentence
  2. Use the word below
  3. Use phrases that contain the word that
  4. Use the phrase changes in the amount / number / levels of, if there is no time period
  5. List categories if there are more than four in the diagram
  6. Use the words for example, like, such as, and including to introduce the list of categories
  7. Include the units if they make the introduction too long
  8. Write more than between 25 and 30 words for the introduction

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