IELTS HOPECO Vocabulary: The Newest Words in English 5

9/3/2015 10:42:59 AM
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New words enter English from every area of life where they represent and describe the changes and developments that take place from day to day.

  • Emoticon: A blend of 'emotion' and 'icon'. A symbol, used in email messages, which is made out of punctuation marks and resembles a human face.
  • E-piracy: Electronic piracy Illegal downloading of material found on the internet (films, music, etc.)
  • E-quaintance: A person you know only through online networks.
  • E-stalk: To stalk (follow) someone using Internet searches and email.
  • EV: Electric vehicle, a vehicle which runs entirely on electricity stored in rechargeable batteries.
  • E-waste: Electronic material and devices that have been thrown away.
  • Face Time: Application which enables people to make video phone calls. They can speak and see each other at the same time.
  • Fandom: Blend of’ fan’ and the suffix ‘-dom’, (as in 'kingdom'). The fans of a particular person, team, etc. regarded collectively as a community.
  • Fashionista: Person who dresses according to the latest fashion trends.
  • Favicon: Favourite icon: a tiny little graphic that appears when you bookmark a site.
  • Finlit/fin lit: Financial literacy. Knowledge and understanding of financial language and issues related to finance.
  • Flame war: A period during which angry or rude email messages are exchanged.
  • Flash mob: A crowd that gathers in a pre-determined place, performs an action then disperses very quickly. The mob is not told exactly what to do until just before the event.
  • Flexitarian: A vegetarian who sometimes eats meat or fish.
  • Freemale: A woman who is happy to stay single and independent so that she can do what she wants when she wants.
  • Flightmare: Blend of 'flight' and 'nightmare'. Unpleasant air travel experience (lost luggage, missed connections, etc.)
  • Flog: A fake blog.  A blog (online journal) which appears to have been written by an independent person but has in fact been created by a company or business in order to advertise a product or service.
  • Floordrobe: Blend of 'floor' and 'wardrobe'. A pile of clothes dropped on the floor.

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