IELTS HOPECO: Vocabulary Practice

10/20/2015 2:51:32 PM
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When you see a new word that you think is useful, you should write it down in a notebook. Look up the meaning of the new word in a dictionary and copy a few sen­tences. Write some of your own sentences using the new word, and ask your teacher to check them.

Find some other words that have the same meaning (i.e. synonyms). Being able to think of synonyms is one of the keys to doing well in IELTS, especially the Reading and Listening tests. However, be careful as many words can only be used as synonyms in certain situations. For instance: You can rent/hire a car. You can hire a new employee, but you cannot rent a new employee.

Complete the sentences with your words

  1. My favourite sport is tennis. It’s played on a ___________________, and you don’t need much equipment; just a tennis___________________,  a net, and a ball.
  2. I really enjoy watching___________________, especially    Thai     boxing and taekwondo.
  3. I joined a ___________________ last year.   I go to aerobics classes twice a week, and I also use the running and weight machines sometimes.
  4. The world’s most popular sport has two names; in North America it’s called___________________, but in Europe it is known as ___________________.
  5. I think that society has changed so quickly that there is a___________________ between many young people and their parents.
  6. Our house is quiet because it’s in a small ___________________ far away  from large roads.
  7. The ___________________ has replaced the            extended family as the most common type of household.
  8. I really like my mother-in-law. Actually, I get on well with all my ___________________
  9. Most of the people in our ___________________ are nice, but we sometimes argue with our ___________________ because they park their cars in front of our house.
  10. Foreigners who come to Ho Chi Minh City like to visit ___________________. It is the place where former presidents used to live and work.

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