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8/22/2015 9:17:22 AM
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  • Required Tests

The English Proficiency test and other eligibility tests like GRE, GMAT is required by Some Institutes/Colleges/Universities in Singapore. However most of them do not require all these.

  •  Work Prospects

Question: As a foreign student at the local universities or polytechnics with a student visa, can I do part-time work during term time? Do I apply to the Ministry of Education or the Immigration Department for permission to seek part-time employment?


Answer: Yes, you can do part-time work under certain conditions and it is also subject to approval by the university or polytechnic that you are studying in. Before you look for part time employment, please approach the respective institutions for further details.

*(Ref: Ministry of Education, Singapore website-


  •  Documents Required

Basic Documents Required:


From the Applicant:

  1. 2 copies for Form 16, Form V36 and Form V39S duly completed and signed by applicant and local sponsor at the relevant sections. (The first set of forms must be original.)
  2. 2 recent passport-sized photographs (BW/ Colour) to be pasted on the top-right hand corner of Form 16
  3. Applicant’s Official Birth Certificate (in English and photocopy)
  4. Applicant’s highest education certificates and result transcripts (in English and photocopy)
  5. Copies of personal particular pages of applicant’s travel document/ passport (photocopy)


Additional documents are required if

  • the applicant is a national from the visa-required countries
  • one of the applicant’s parents/ step-parents is a Singapore citizen/ PR
  • Applicant’s spouse is a Singapore Citizen/ PR

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